PURE AID Managers

Abraham Parker

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Auguries Steven

Regional Coordinator- West Africa Liberia and Sierra Leone

PureAid Sierra Leone

Mariama F. Turay

Country Representative-Sierra Leone (Sierra Leone country program )

Seidoh Freeman

Program Officer

Charles Thomas


Linda Nyanje Ngewonya Bull.

Human Resources Officer

Shaka Kamara

Technical advisor

Amara Kembay

Finance Officer

PURE AID Liberia

Program team

Boima Dargo

Country Representative (Liberia country program)

Darlington Dahn

Finance officer

Augustine Whymer

IT officer

Sarwulu Nyain

Acting Country Representative

Board Members

Seidoh Freeman

Board member

Henry Morgan

Board member

Florence M Dorley

Board member

Julius M. Bass

Board member

Benetta Collins-Andrews

Board member

Kumiriano Li

Board member

G. Pewu Subah

Board member

Henry Emmanuel Saye

Human Resource Officer

Richard Massaquoi

Administrative officer

Mbakai Varplah Woyee

Program Officer

Darlington D. W

Finance Officer