COVID 19 update

COVID 19 update

COVID 19 update

As we are going through the devastation caused by the coronavirus pandemic around the world, hundreds of thousands of persons around the world have been affected by it. Thousands have died as the result of contracting the virus (COVID 19). It is also predicted that many more people will die in its path if we do not take drastic actions to break transmission. Due to its aggression, great and powerful countries with the best health systems have been overwhelmed and leaders from countries with the most advance technologies and economy are struggling to save their crashing nations, its businesses and governments as they are now put to halt by this pandemic.

We want to join others to continuously caution you of best practices.


  • Social distances
  • Self-quarantine
  • Hand washing
  • Wearing mask

Report if symptomatic and let’s kick Coro out!!

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